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Women in our society are facing many problems. The main issue is the assault against them. So many rapes and abuse cases have been reported lately. But the authorities always fail to act against these issues.

There have been several publicized cases over the past few months which raise concern about the lack of safety of women in our cities. While the more gruesome and violent incidents make the headlines, the defining characteristic of violence against women is its ordinary and continuous nature. It is the everyday character of violence and its normalization that needs attention.

Violence and the fear of violence are an integral part of women’s experience of public spaces in India. The question of how to deal with it has only recently begun to be addressed. Women are expected to be responsible for their own safety. Practically it is not easy to find the solution from the community and state. So the best solution is to be herself as an Encounter against the attacks.


To encounter this is one of the gravest challenge women are facing. To get trained in self defense is the best way to encounter such types of assaults. The delay in responding to such situations in one of the reasons why they are tortured badly, but the responsibility of assault lies with the attacker only. The only way to escape from these situations is to get trained in self defense. We are offering our training program which deals mainly to encounter these types of situations. We give you proper training in analyzing the situation, techniques and options to encounter this etc. Our training modules will not advise you what “should” or “should not” do. It will offer options, techniques, and a way of analyzing situations.

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