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The IT industry provides a high status job and earning. However, you know how this high profile job affects your health? Yes, you have to believe this! The IT jobs are a primary source of mental strain. Too much strain leads to quick ageing and other issues. Another main issue is about sleep. Working in night shifts may lead to improper sleep and changes your lifestyle. Losing your sleep will lead to many health issues. In the busy schedule of IT industry, everyone prefers to o for junk food. Having junk food occasionally is never a problem, but having it daily leads to serious issues, even complete deterioration of health will happen.

Who likes to have infertility at an young age? All your family dreams may get vanished if you are having this much strain at the start of your life. The only solution for this to have a relaxation in between your busy schedule. A complete day for relaxation will benefit your health.

The best solution for this is to treat Agni and doshas in body. This is a treatment meant for balancing your life and job. This helps you in adopting a new and refreshing lifestyle. The most exciting factor is that you will be assisted with Siddha's routine advice. The medicines for this treatment include Hima Sagara Parpam in milk, Kalpa Chendooram in honey, Amritha Kalpa Kashayam in tender water etc. We will be efficiently teaching you the technique of Prana Yoga. During office hours when you are stressed, through meditation you can refresh the mind and body even by sitting in a chair. Join us soon, to lead a relaxed life forever!

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Routine Health Checkups
Routine Healing and Training program against stress
Effective Stress Management Program
With the help of Siddha consultant, you will get valuable tips to have a healthy lifestyle
We never stress much on medicines.
Special package for the employee’s entire family

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