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Mudra Yoga

Mudra Yoga

The Science of Mudras provides the safest and the most convenient, easy to do hand Mudras, both for prevention as well as for the healing of diseases. With five fingers of our hands we can magically affect the body's metabolism and that too without spending a single extra minute.

It is a free gift from God Almighty. Just as God gives us Sun, Moon, Wind, Water, earth, planets etc for our upkeep; He has also replicated the same set of free gifts in our hands also.

Practicing of Mudras does not involve any time consuming exercises, and does not involve any equipment at all. Mudras have only healing effects and no side effects at all. Mudras for all efforts like - Mudras for birth, Mudras for growth of mind and body, Mudras for mental tension,

Mudras for obesity, for headache, angina, heart disease, muscular or bone pains, kidney / urinary problems, stomach disorders, deafness, sinusitis, colitis, prostate, pleurisy etc.

There are Mudras for improving memory and concentration, for improving efficiency, for gaining height and physical strength, for women's menstrual problems etc

The fingers of our hands are divine pharmacy. It will work as a supplementary supports along with siddha clinical practice.

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