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Siddha Harmony
Deva Vidya offers grace, vitality and serenity : it is a tradition that values beauty as a sign of inner harmony. India's Traditional Health System is several thousand years old, yet in the 21st century it is being taken up enthusiastically by people all over the world.
The principle of Deva Vidya is that good health stems from a correct balance of different energies and harmony with the outside world. As a medical system it is holistic, and through remedies exist for special problems, they are varied according to the person.
Over the years Prem Nath has developed a unique treatment style , blending Siddha Science with Kayakalpa techniques, Prana Yoga and Varma Kalai and has since cured a lot of bed ridden patients and restored health to many during his many years of practice.
He has learned and is practicing the secrete therapy method called “Pancha Prana Shuddhi” which can remove pre-mature senility / deformities arising from bad life style, heredity or from accidents..

Deva Vidya's Special and Secret Kayakala Techniques

Pancha Prana Shuddhi
Tripura Sundari Therapy
Deva Vidya Detox Treatment
Naadi Reksha Therapy
Deva Vidya Post Pregnancy Healing Program
Arogya Deham Retreat
Maha Kaaya Siddhi Retreat
Dhathu Kalpa Siddhi
Siddha Life Care Program

All of these techniques are researched and developed by the ancestors of Sri Prem Nath. These methods are mentioned in the manuscript called "Anubhava Siddha Vaidya Chiktsa Rehasyam" - written by the ancestor Physicians in Deva Vidya Siddha Linage. Our Vision is to foster Siddha Healing by bringing together the useful things behind all these secret manuscripts.

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