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Deva Vidya Dhathu Detoxification

Deva Vidya Dhathu Detoxification

Almost everyone needs to detox, cleanse themselves, and rest their body functions at times. Nowadays the most important problem we are facing is the food contains insects and other poisonous substances . Living in a metropolitan, urban, or suburban community, we should be especially concerned. Cities are among the most polluted areas of the world. Actually we are sharing our body with toxic chemicals and other substances. No one knows how long some of these chemicals remain inside us once they get in or introduced to the body.
And even the toxins that our bodies do know how to break down require extra metabolic energy expenditure to complete the detoxification process.

Toxicity occurs on two basic levels--external and internal. We can acquire toxins from our environment by breathing them, by ingesting them, or through physical contact with them. On the internal level, our body produces toxins through its normal everyday functions.More common toxicity symptoms include headache, fatigue, mucus problems, aches and pains, digestive problems, "allergy" symptoms, and sensitivity to environmental agents such as chemicals, perfumes, and synthetics.



Now its the time to wakeup...Fortunately, the human body has a strong tendency to move toward health, and we can help it do so. The problems arise because in the modern world there is just too much for the body to cope with and so our natural systems of elimination cannot handle the strain.

In Siddha there are many natural medicines likes "Rektha Visha Samhar" (RVS) which is a combination of 56 herbs are existing.These medicines are made by refering old granthas,palmscripts etc:.Siddha is one of the oldest systems for health and longevity, providing tried and true, time honored remedies for prevention of illness of the body. Siddha Vaidya medicine defines health as a complete presence of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social balance.

Using such detoxifiers our body can be cleansed and thus get an increased lifespan instead of increasing the immortality rate.The treatment is both relaxing and invigorating and is recommended for it’s rejuvenating effects.There are a number of ways in which the Siddha Detoxification can help the client to achieve full body detoxification.

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